I am having internship at Universal Music ! Was expecting an excited moment of working there, turn out of being so stress of not adapting the environment there! Until yesterday, my supervisor talk a lot and she is sorry for not having time of taking me out for great lunch ! I open my heart to her and now feel so much better in every way ! Thanks Cherry ! Although its really busy, but I think its a good experience that's what internship all about right !

I would recommend you guys to Universal Music for intern! You really learn a lot but you gotta be tough enough to handle the stress ! I hardly pull it through! Have so many events to handle now and I am enjoying every bits of it ! I starting to loving it there! I get to meet peoples, media and also artist ! Cool right !

Jacky Cheung is having concert this few days ! Tickets are all sold out ! But you can still support him by watching his concert video and know more about him ! I bet you guys know who is Jacky Cheung right !

Other than that, Universal Music also having 3 artists coming to Malaysia! Vaness Wu, Claire Guo and Mr. ! 

Wanna know more about their schedule and activity, log on to Universal Music Facebook: Universal Music Malaysia Chinese 

Please support them !!! Thanks ! 


  1. Hello there, was trying to find ways to apply for internship at universal and happen to come across ur blog, if u dun mind, wud u share how u applied for internship there? Bcoz I cudn't seem to find the email anywhere. =(


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