Mixed feelings ..

Life changes ! Soon, I am turning 20 ! Gotta shift from studying to working. Personally, after working in the office like an PR person, i prefer studying having stress of handling exam paper instead of peoples problem.

Working in Universal Music changes my life a lot! I know so much more people and i feel that my family is becoming further and further from me! I don't feel love anymore, I just feel that I am being extra in this family seeing that they can be so happy even without having me around! Kinda feel sad and kinda feel happy for them ! Its a mixed feeling I am having now... !

Christmas is coming soon ! Was hoping my dad coming back this week and having Christmas with him ! I always wanted to celebrate Christmas and exchange present like everyone else! When will my wish ever come true ! Its not that hard right ! Why ?? I prefer Christmas more than Chinese New Year ! I can feel peace and love during Christmas but Chinese New Year ... Don't know what to say about it!

Having a hard time going through my internship, wish its getting better everyday! Please ! I am tired of driving there and work like a slave! I do learn something but ... I just don't like the environment !

Christmas ! Christmas ! Merry Christmas ! Everything is gonna be alright ! Be tough and strong ! Stand alone and be independent ! Bye !


  1. gayao AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! See u soon k!!!!! muack!!!


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