Xmas !

Xmas ! What you guys do on Christmas ? I always wish to have a real Christmas with all the presents and Christmas tree ! But I will never had one ! As usual, I went to Sepang with Ei Munn on Christmas eve and end up walking for a while and decide not to have dinner there ! Then we went back to KL again ! When we go back to KL, we go wrong road and went missing for about few hours ! Was kinda shock and frustrated ! After that, we went to library to meet up with Renvin and Michelle and also expecting Don, but he have to work ! Urgh! Then they went off early and ask Kar Chun to come ! In conclusion, we had fun that night !

Didn't get to take pictures with Christmas tree ! Don't have the urge to ! Cause my dad is not with me this year and I am really sad about that ! All about Christmas is going through with loves and family peacefully ! I don't get a complete family on Christmas ! I miss him a lot ! I shed tears while listening to Kenny G's songs ! His saxophone really melts my heart !

I miss my dad !! Skyping with him now and shedding tears again ! Love you dad ! Merry Christmas!!!


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