Endless month!

I am so bored ! I tweet it ! I whatsapp it ! I tell all of my friend that I am bored ! Yup ! That's how bored am I ! Anyways, I don't know its my high expectation or internship is use to be like this ! I remember a post about my internship and I am happy about it, actually not really ! It's kinda slave shit job ! I only wrote press release once and several translation in 2 months ! That's all ! Nothing more about PR work ! Oh yeah ! And contacting media ! This practice the communication skills ! Get to know a lot of people, that's for sure ! And nothing else I guess ! It's not a really productive months I have ! I am feeling extremely bored since there are no event or artist coming !

Chinese new year is coming soon! Once I end my internship, Chinese new year it is !! So happy thinking 2 more weeks to Chinese new year ! All the holidays and Taylor's !!! I can't wait to see my friends again and have lunch with them ! So miss the time we spend together at Taylor's ! We chat and laugh and scold and critisice each other ! It's a fun fun situation ! Barh! What? Hahahha.. Suppose to be win win situation ! How clever I am ! That's all I guess ! Bye ! Happy Chinese new year !


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