Back to life!

Finally, met my college cutie pie after weeks of not meeting! It's killing and I never felt that before until I meet those pies! Use to name us gang-not-ster, I know it's lame, gotta call them cutie pie now!

Had some time in college with them and went to their Hse for new year visits! Overnight at Renvin's yesterday! We talk and play and spend the whole day together! Such a fun day I had after those sufferings! So happy! Went to shopping with my little girlfriend today at sunway pyramid! Tried Stick House and it's damn nice! So original and no preservatives, but kinda expensive! Classic cost us RM 6.90 each stick and this is the cheapest among all! It's worth a try! Both of use bought something there and kinda heart pain after paying! Hah! Anyway, fun times we had even its just a short period of one day!

Happy to have my cutie pie! Can't imagine what's going to happen after semester 6!

My brother Hazman went to Paris for holiday trip and bought me a collection in Disneyland! Thanks !

And the orange soap! Can't live without it! Thanks penny for providing and recommendation! She is the beauty consultant for the gang cutie pie!

That's all for now! Oh ya! Go listen to Ft Island Severly! Favourite song now !


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