This Means War!

Those who are close to me and always read my blogs should know that I am being down lately of some issue, but today, I laugh and smile all just the way I want! Didn't feel this happy and my smile was so urge to come out!

The Gang-Not-Ster had went to Mid Valley today for a movie "This Means War" and had some lunch and dinner together! Although it's just a movie date and nothing else to do, but we just love how it is! We chat, running around stalking guys, visit John at his working place and so much more that can't be describe! The feeling! That was just awesome!

Comparing to clubbing or drinking, please guys, just went out with your besties and talk all you want is the best way to release all out! Of course, you must have a best besties ever like me to do it! Aha! Being proud now*

We didn't take pictures, cause its the least concerns about each other! We hold onto our memories in our heart not with pictures! Thanks guys! For the day! It was really awesome!

Oh ya! We had pancakes! It's a chocolate marble pancake! Delicious ever pancake I ever eat! It's not like I always eat pancake, but so far for me, it's the best! Pancake House Traditional!


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