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A very gloomy moment now! Its going to rain, but its damn hot in the afternoon! The climate changes are crazy, please start recycling and help the earth people !

Talking about recycling, I am going to do some recycling campaign like real soon. Still in the planning stage and I think we work better compare to last semester Fashionology. Every one speaks up and we are pouring ideas like drinking water! Hope to see a good result for the upcoming campaign! Oh.. I hate to see people burn things open air! When driving, I saw some places burning paper, rubbish or whatever shit, the smoke went up so high! Its hard not to get attention and I always curse them when I see those things happen!

Its a no picture post! I know i know! BORING! Cried today and same case! The things happening around me will not end eh! Just keep coming and keep coming! Still can feel the swollen eyes now and its already raining that makes me wanna cry together, wtf !

Daddy, I hope to stay with you in Singapore now! Please come back! How long have  to work there ><
The family without my dad is a disaster ! SO PLEASE COME SAVE ME!

Going to gym tomorrow with my babes again, skipped last week because I was so damn tired like almost faint! Its true! Last week was the worst week I ever had ! I didn't do a lot of things but the body just giving me alarm that it has to shut down NOW! I was like in class or driving, how am I going to shut down! I will just knock into some cars or just dead in class! Sometimes, I always think that I have some serious illness that I could die some day without realizing it! It could happen right!

Suppose to do my assignments now but the rains just keep giving me a break time! Can't concentrate at all!

Sorry for the long post and I dont know why I am writing all about this here! Anyway, its written and I am not gonna delete my effort of writing! Dinner time ! Bye !



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