Kenny G "Heart n Soul" 2012

Guess what, I went to Kenny G's Concert in Genting on Saturday night! Wanted to buy VIP tickets but sold out when I decided to go for the concert >< Anyway, get to buy the cheapest one cause that's all left! Thanks to Penny if not I wouldn't have ticket for the concert.

The concert was AWESOME! No words can describe it! Romantic.. Cheerful, playful and FUN! Everything is overload! Too good to be true! World class professionals indeed! I don't mind to pay more for it because it's totally worth it! The place is full of people, but all the seats are in number so it's a nice environment for a comfortable concert! OMG.. Still in the dream of the concert ! Can't take any pictures due to copyright, manage to take one only .. Awesome! Just awesome! I LOVE YOU KENNY G!!!


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