True feelings do hurt!

Listening 80's love song right now.. thinking back and it hurts! It's the first that I consider which means I do have feelings but it's not working as good as it is for me! It just burden me too much when you are too good for me! I don't deserve it because my feelings to you is not that much compare to your feelings to me! It really hurts to reject because I do care about you! There are so many reasons for me to reject you, I can't always go out late but that's the only time I can spend with you! And I felt tired after missing you for days and that's when I decided to let you go! I think so much those days and it really really kill me to make that decision! I am so sorry... I am glad that you are fine! But that's what you told me and I hope its real! I hope we can be friends again and not letting this matter affect our friendship!

I just can't help it to express my feelings here because I am still thinking about it! The feeling.. It sucks ! When can I forget this feelings.. I promise myself not to cry but .. I cried.. ! Just a little when I feel desperate ... All I want to do right now is get drunk! Aha! But.. somehow I still have to think about my family and don't drink too much for the concerns of my family! But.. it hurts! I am tired ... tired... tired.. Can I  go to Singapore earlier? So I can forget what I want to forget which happens here... Please someone.. just bring me somewhere else.

I have to get over it! Fast and now! Having exam less than a week.. can't continue behaving like this! I do not regretting making that decision!

PS: Sorry to shock you guys with a love story and emo post here after saying I will post about my outings. .. I just can't help it.....


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