Singapore Trip~

Just back from Singapore for some procedure there and spend 2 weeks there! The main purpose of spending an extra week there is to accompany my dad and not for some holiday trips! Kinda sad hearing me saying this cause I can't enjoy the trip! But still having a good time with my dad~ hardly shop there and it was Singapore mid year sales! DAMN!!! Everything is so cheap there .. If you don't convert la~

Malaysia was suffering from haze that came from Indonesia when I was in Singapore. Was lucky not to breathe in hazy air, Singapore was clear and not so hot! Now the weather in Malaysia is killing me! I can sleep the whole day and woke up with whole body sweaty! My lips are drying up.. I feel so much lazier and FAT! Gotta start looking for jobs making everyday useful!

Sharing some pichas! Yea yea yea.. Lazy to filter every pictures .. So I just share what I have without editing anything! Enjoy! Tata!


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