New direction

Hi! I am back after all the emo thingy going through my mind. Finally, ended up trying to go back to study instead of working. I tried to find job but after one interview, I realise I don't have enough experience to get a steady job and I only get to work in those shops or boutique as sales assistant or I have to go back to internship! Hell No!! Plus, I haven graduate for Diploma. Who will hire someone without Degree dont even mention about Diploma! So, I decided to gain more experience by taking a degree programme and work part time for pocket money. Seems good?

Anyway, I am way better now cause finally I get to move on with goals, not being useless and hopeless anymore! And I even plan to go on trip with my belove darling! She say she will pay for my food !! Omg! Love her so much la! If she is a boy I surely will married her and let her take care of me for the rest of my life! Hahaha.. ❤

Recently, my dad is back home and we went to Suki Ya for dinner! It was worth it for people who loves meat a lot cause all u will eat there is meat meat and meat! Unlimited meats for Japanese Steamboat Buffet Restaurant and self service for vegetables! First time having fun with capturing selcas with family, and my brother just had a new hair cut. I think he looks so much neater that way and perhaps better looking?

So here comes the pichas! And thanks for reading! Love you guys ... ❤


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