Happy birthday Carmen

Happy birthday Carmen Chong Tung Yeng! 23.08.2012! U spend the night before and the day itself with me.. Knew that you are still my old friends after all this year! We went to different Uni after high school and make new friends. We have our very own friends but our friendship is still strong enough to hold us together!

Before meeting u on the day before, I messed up! Sorry for not calling u or text you or contact you! I really thought that you are mad at me for the reason that I didn't contact you for a long time, but then after I know the true reason (busy packing your room =.=) I am relieve and feeling stupid! Lol!


Selcas of myself :)

Hers ❤

Me again! HAHA! 

Went to Caribbean Cafe for a dates before her birthday! 

Happy smile :)

Her, having her supper cause she hates dinner! And she always can maintain her figure even though she eat more than me! Urgh ! 

Beer and french fries! Best combo ever! 

"What is this?" face! LOL ! 



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