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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! To all my Muslims friends and reader.

I have been working on public holidays and weekends for the past weeks, it finally ended on Saturday and I am free now!! Gonna catch up with all my other friends when I am free. Been going out with the same group of friends recently cause they live so near and time always allow us to be together! That's how we got so close! Cupid been busying shooting arrows to this group of friends! Everyone is falling in love.. Hahahha..

A lot of friends having their birthday this month! Thinking of ideas and pressie for them! I haven seen my darling for quite a while, maybe I should surprise her or something? Money is going out of my pocket real fast, therefore I am going to continue working on weekends!

Continuing my degree programme this coming month and it's starting real soon! Hoping the work doesn't give me hard time and everything move smoothly! Lots to update after I am gone for a while! Anyway, pictures time! See u guys in the next post! Love ya! And again ... Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Having lunch at Oh Sushi MV, brother having Teriyaki Chicken!

I am having dumpling only! 


Homecook food by this chef! 

Chef's assistant ? 

Mario Mushroom found in Vic's room! So cute ! 

Had manicure the other day! Love the outcome but my nails are too short! Will try designs later when my nails are long enough. First time trying gel nails instead of nail polish! 

In the progress.. They use UV light to dry the nails and its super fast! 

Try on some clothes at Topshop! 

Bromance ! 

May Shan and Vic :)

Dinner for May Shan by Vic! 

Yum cha-ing with friends 

Tarc Leng Zai! hahaha.. 

Before heading to work in MV 

Fierce fierce supervisor ! 

Birthday girl count from the second left. 


More ! 

Last one! 

Give you a happy family pics! hahahahaa... 

Wrote this post long time ago but didn't manage to post it because the blogger app is being a bitch! 

Hope you enjoy ! 


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