Answer ~

Let me answer your question! Yes! Sometimes, you need to let go of someone even though you love that person! She had chosen her own life, so let her be! Don't care whether she is strong or weak... Just let go when it's over! Don't chase her back again unless she wants you to chase her back! It's useless!!! You are investing something that you know you will lose! Why keep investing??? When one person said three times the same answer, it's the real answer that is given! So accept it and don't keep saying that I am keeping my real answer in my heart! It's up to u to believe whatever I am saying! But I know I am telling the truth! And this is what I want! I am not throwing u away or anything, I just want you to move on! Don't ruin your whole life without falling in love again just because of one time failed relationship!! This is a very stupid act! I try to pull u back to reality after the break up, but you still insist of going back! There is no turning back!! I am not hating you either! I just don't want to continue this relationship! I am so sorry if I make u fall into this too deep! Maybe we shouldn't have started this relationship in the beginning if we know its gonna hurt so bad! I decided not to talk to you until you forget me because when I am still friends with you, you can't forget me!! So let's change direction! I'll stop talking to you until you let me go!!

I just want you to move on......


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