The Farewell Gathering ~

Had a farewell gathering with my primary school friends. Lots of them are flying off to UK soon. Well, this gathering is for this cute little girl, Natalie Tay.

Goodbye girl~

She had to plan the whole gathering thingy and also fetch us from our place to Publika because we don't have transport and don't know where the place is. So so sorry, but that day was fun! We had a lot of laughter going on during dinner time. 

We went to Ben's for lunch while waiting Zane to arrive from his traffic jam. At first, it was a little awkward and then we start talking after the food is almost finish. We talk about our puppy love during primary school and that brings up a lot of memories. Awww... I miss those time! Where everyone is so naive and just play and talk what we want instead of thinking what to say so that we don't hurt people's feelings. Anyway, here are the pichas! 

This nacho is heavenly delicious !! Must try ~

Calamari Rings

Mushroom Soups with a piece of garlic bread~ 

They have this box full of notes and guess what, we found this~ So true ! 

After meal

Pile up everyone's phone so everyone can concentrate on talking~ 

Then, we don't know what to do and just walk around the complex and round and round and round! 

Finally, time for dinner~ 

We went to Fat Boy's Burger. Ate too full so I just order a Chicken Ceaser Salad! Not bad but everything there is so expensive! We ate and continue talking. Everything was fine until Zane came! I am like in the center of a war. Natalie took lots of pictures of this obscene scene, only chose a few to post it! 

Fat Boy's Burger !!!! 

Fat Boy's Burger Menu

Chicken Ceaser Salad 

Everyone is laughing off.. you'll know why later

The war begin~

Trying to stay calm~

The girl attacked! 

Just focusing on my phone~ Avoid the war! 

This boy came later to join us ~ 

Kar Chun is here ~ with his wimpy burger

Girl win!! 

War in process.. boy crying girl no eyes see~ me, laughing at them ! hahahah~

Feeling proud of his burger~

Girl, JingErl with her burger~

Same colour~ I know... Dirty Iphone casing! I'll change ~

Everyone is on the phone~ 

Group Picture! 

The girl who protected me during war~ So lame! 

The Girls! 

And The Boys! 

Another group pictures ! 

Lastly, The Girls again~ 

Wish you had a blast at the gathering, Nat! 
And wish you luck in UK ! 
Lots of love ~~



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