Yup! I am here again to blurt all my depression and desperation! Stuck in the middle of my assignment, some of my kiasu friends FINISH their research assignments already ??!!! WTF!! And some are having same problem as me, no motivation, depress, and stress! Will start complaining about the research assignment.. and... here we go:

Why do we need to take the research subject again when we already taken it in our diploma program ?! This is so frustrated ! Everyone of us hate this subject so much that we rather take two subject to replace this ONE RESEARCH SUBJECT! WHY !!!!! So frustrated ! When we go out to society and work, we may not even touch on research paper that went into so detail! How in the world people can do so many research by just one "click"! WTF ! I am crapping now again... Argghhh !!! 


Lets think about something positive. My friend is having a Birthday Party in his house this coming Saturday and the due date for the assignment is on Friday ! Perfect timing to party ! I am sure I am gonna have a blast that day cause all my friends are gonna be there! We can do whatever we want.. *grim* LOL !

Back to reading journals ! BYE PEEPS !

PS: The title has nothing to do with the content! Brain juice is drying up, so randomly a title I recently thought of. Credit to Michelle and Renvin!


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