The weather is so fuck dup! Rain all it want and now... being so hot that I am sweating even when I am sitting! All in a sudden, everything just pilled up like Mount Everest, assignments, designs, photography, video shooting and speech! I am so stress out and had headache everyday! Had to take painkiller to continue my work and I am so tired now~ Doing my work since morning 9am !! DAFUQ!!!! Design is really not my thing, had to design so many things in a very short period, had to construct questionnaire for my research paper and tomorrow is my SPEEEECHHHH!! If you know me well, I have serious stage fright! YES.. a PR student has a stage fright! I still can't overcome it after so long!

I wanted to blog about something but the pictures are still in my camera and I am so lazy to transfer it to my computer. So perhaps... nothing special to share but my assignment work ! Ahhhh... please don't judge ...

Everything is copy and paste and adjust this and that.. no special skills is needed! Hah! 
That's all .. Gonna sleep awhile then I'll be back with my work! Bye ~ 


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