Mic Birthday 1122

IT'S MIC'S BIRTHDAY ! 22nd NOVEMBER 2012! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN PEI ZAI! We use to know each other but we never been so close before. I am really glad that we can be friends cause you are such a crazy person! Fun, talks, issues and more, we can be so fun when we are together! Although we don't have much memories together but I believe we are creating more in the future! Oh god! I love you as a friend, not lover! Just to clear this up! hahahah... F*** your sixth sense la.... ! Anyway, hope you stay in love with Stella and forever! Most importantly, stay healthy ~ Love ya !

Birthday cake that I bought~ 

She looks like saying wait, but she declare that she is actually waving to us! Hah! 

So, this is wait or continue waving? 

There you go, the awkward moment and that face~ hahahahahah!! 

I don't know why am I laughing so hard here~ 

Pichas time ~

Cut ? Yes ? No ? More pictures ? 

More pictures~hahahahahah (I just make that up... LOL) 

Requested not to put up her ugly pictures in Facebook, but NOT HERE! Muahahaah ...

With the Birthday Gurl ~

Birthday Gurl with the sweetiw pie ~ 

Birthday Gurl with the horny bitch 

Gay poser #1

Gay poser #2

Birthday Gurl with the cheerful girl 

Birthday Gurl with the coolest evil 

And last but not least, Birthday Gurl with the innocent one~ 

Peng is left out cause she went to class and these people doesn't feel like going to class... hahahahah~~ 



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