Where my happiness came from...

Long time no see!! I am back on blog! I am super duper busy because I am in my degree course! YES! DEGREE! I can feel the difference between degree and diploma now! Its the work load that kills! Anyway, wanna update about my life during my busy time! Make new friends and having super crazy time even though we are busy like shit. These few days, it kept raining and guess what?! Taylor's University is flooded! Can't believe I am saying this, maybe its really just too heavy and flooded? Whatever.. What I am trying to say is.. we pay so much money for the facilities and environment but it end up flooded just because a heavy rain =.=

No joke.. yea.. one of my retarded friends! The car park is flooded!! 

Just some hang out stuffs and photography sessions with my friends! Went to Karaoke just to shoot celebration photos and it didn't work at all! Maybe a few, yes? And we went to I-City to take some of the lights. Its my second time there but first time there at night! From far it is really beautiful, but close up, nahhh... just a lot of trees made out of small tiny lights. So here is the pictures.. Enjoy! 

Puma Social, some random activity going on in Taylor's in a bus! 

Jesseca acting chio.. 

Retarded friend acting chio also ? HAHAHAHAHAHA XD

Another one of Jess! Free gifts from Puma Social! 

Next place! Da La Ba .. I think ... Forget the name but its way much better than Redbox now! They update really new songs and sound system is good, even those who don't sing can watch football match in the room! Of course without the sound lar... (Michelle Wong Mei Yee!! HAHAHA.. FULL NAME ) 

The slogan for Da La Ba .. 

 Oh.. the retard friend and ... erm.. MIC la.. not gonna describe her anything cause I know she read my blog and she will kill me if I wrote something imperfectly describing her ! LOL! 

 Peng, Renvin and Michelle! All taking pictures ! (sorry for this blur pic)


 Finally, I-City! Lights lights lights and lights.... 

 My grandchild, Peng! Wearing a shirt with TOP on it! She is a Big Bang Maniac!! 

Ferris Wheel  

Some random light 

 Oh.. Super unrelated picture! Just to show you how I feel for these past months! The pictures exactly portrait how I feel! But thanks to my friends! At the same time when I am sad and emo, they gave me laughter and happy memories or maybe should I say CRAZY memories! HAHAHHAHA.. Love you guys XOXO

And to my best friend, 
whatever you are going through, you still have us beside you!
We can't help you anything for now but
 I am sure we can give you laughter and craziness to have some fun! 
Be Strong, I believe in you! 


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