December 2012

Hi Peeps, yea I know its a really late post! Gonna sleep after this, bare with me!

Having my finals now, Friday is my last day of my finals and after the paper I will travel to Singapore straight away in the afternoon. Yep! Celebrating Christmas there with my whole family. Well, we don't celebrate Christmas but we will be in Singapore for Christmas and I think I am going to have a great time there with all the pretty decorations! I love Christmas out of all the festivals because its just too pretty and beautiful for you to not "WOW" and take pictures of it. Just some updates and I said that I will show you guys the magic photos from that magical camera of my friend. Beware! It's photo spam now! Totally no edit for the all the photos below you will see how magical is it!

The Christmas decoration in Mid Valley with my two lovely~

Went to Sushi Pasta for dinner



Say Hi! 

Her big adorable eyessss!!! Acting the Puss in the Boot! Success? 

I just love her ~ 

This is in Sunway Pyramid, hanging out with the gang~ 

Selca again.. :)

Apa muka ni ? 0.o 

My lecturer Dr. Benedict, he is leaving after this semester! Wish you all the best! 

Oppss... another blur wan .. DUCK FACE! 

Well, this is in the club - Remedy @ Scott Garden 

Wendy is almost drunk.. 

 She is officially drunk! Hahahaha... 

The girls... it works not that well from far away in the dark because the camera doesn't have flash but it has a light that is enough to light up your face from selca's distance. 

 Seee.. so pretty! I am saying myself pretty! Yes! I look pretty with this amazing camera!

Bad one!  

Drunkard face!  

 Another duck face! Shit! Gotta stop taking pictures with that face! 

 A clear one~ so pretty...

Hey yo! Wassup ! 

 Kent's girlfriend... super pretty- Mae 

 Please don't get bored of my face :)


Right! I think that's all for now! Gotta go shopping tomorrow and finish my finals on Friday! 
Let's do it! 
Busy schedule ahead~ wait for my next post! 
Good night and love ya ~ 


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