Soon~ Christmas~

Its been a hectic week after few weeks of stressing about assignments! Finally, I relief after last week Friday which is the due date for the worst assignment ever! Stress to the max because of that paper! And... I went to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 today ! Yippeee... but it didn't reach my expectation. I expected it to be more happening and more action in it! It's just an OK to me.. not awesome nor bad~ and it has a good ending! 

Jesseca, I am her third wife! ahahahaha... 

Strawberry something.. forgot the name! I love strawberries!!! 

Jesseca's Mango Pearl something ~ sorry, really bad at remembering food's name~ 

Today is really a spontaneous date, it was arrange very randomly and it goes really well for the whole day! Jess came to my house to chill and we went out around 2pm to buy the movie tickets! We ate Tong Pak Fu and went to the movie after that ~ The three of us just can't stop chit chatting and talk crap like we use to, and its fun! Its not the same gang that I usually hang out with, but its good to make new friends, right? And... my usual gang always have timing difficulties with me because we are majoring in different course! So yeah.. its really hard to make time for everyone for us to hang out together anymore... I am missing that memories when I am writing it now~ One of my friends withdraw from Uni and all of us separate to 2 gangs! I wish we could hang out together again, but then, it's really hard to tolerant everyone's timing and curfew! I usually hang out at night because I am busy for my daily schedule in day time! So, its not like I like to go out at night but that's the only time I can go out on weekends! As time goes by, hanging out at night really relax my mind and I am starting to like it! So, there you go! Full explanation about a teenagers going out at night! Please understand! 

Back to the topic I suppose to write about! So yeah... and we went for dinner and take lots of pictures together at the Mid Valley decorations! Beautiful but I think the most beautiful decoration will always be Pavilion! I will go there one day and take lots of crazy pictures! Hahahahahaha... 
And, cause of Jesseca's curfew, we had to went back early! 

I took some of the pictures in Garden's Robinson when I went with my mum the other day ~ plus today pictures ~ hope you guys enjoy and hope the pictures really bring out your Christmas mood! 

With my mum at Robinsons, emotionless?

Finally you smile~ 

Mid Valley's Centre Court decorations! 

Wooden house, it has does really olden age feel kind of Christmas ~ 

Wendy, the Tally, Taking pictures with her new magical camera~  

So beautiful ~~ 

Insist of taking pictures with the Teddy~ and here you go~ 

Jess is helping this woman with her assignments! Teacher of the year! 

Showing off her new cam, which is pretty awesome for selcas! Really make you super beautiful ~ 

End with a serious face of Wendy! She is gonna kill me !!! 

Gonna upload some other pictures that was taken today as well for the next post! You will spot how magical that camera is ~~ 

And.. Today... I really had fun hanging out, but, there is something that piss me off and ruin my mood for the whole day! It was hard to give in so much and care of everyone's feelings~ I am really having a bad time here! After assignments, I thought I could relax my mind and had a good rest, but things doesn't seems to go with my way! I am really upset of what happen today and I think I will bare it for a little longer~ I just hope that you guys never give up on me because I didn't give up on you guys, too~ 

Hopefully, everything will be back to normal again~ 

Good Night, peeps~ 


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