Sorry that I return with my anger post!

I am just so furious about when I put so much effort in it and you don't give a damn about it! I spend my time thinking and correct everything step by step and all you said is " I TRIED SO I GAVE UP"! Did you ever see I give up??? I tired and succeed! And now you have all your girlfriend thingy and shit that you seldom be home and all! Yes! I understand but what happen just now, I can't accept it! Since you didn't have any plan yet of course you should put your family in the priority! What is that shit " I DON'T KNOW!!!" And just because I didn't defend you, you take out the hurtful past and hurt my pride! You know how hurtful that was to me and still ... You bring it up! Seriously, I told you before that it was the worst thing that happen to me after my internship! You didn't seem to put it in your heart and yet you say " I still love you" , " I know you jealous" !!! WTFFFFF!!! I am really disappointed and piss that I had to wrote it down here! If you say that why do I always have to publish personal problems on my blog and all, it's because IT'S MY WAY TO RELEASE MY STRESS AND ANGER! If you feel it's inappropriate to expose it here, talk to me face to face so that we can settle this matter instead of keeping it and let it slip away like it didn't happen! I learn from my mistake everytime I wrote it down in the past, it may not been in a full pace but at least I am taking it step by step! You ?! All you know what to do is don't want to admit its your mistake and act like you are one almighty god! BULLSHIT! I am a fail PR? Then you will never be a success PR!! TAKE IT TO YOUR FACE! SELFISH IDIOT!!!!



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