I am writing again ~

Feeling kinda depress nowadays with all the assignments and busy schedule ahead. I always have this kinda mix emotional feelings going on and its making me insane!! I don't know whether I should be sad or happy everyday. There is a saying "People who always laugh is always the most miserable people". I guess that's true cause I always laugh in front of my friends but who knows what I am really feeling in my heart. I gotta take this as an experience in handling my life and I hope I can overcome it soon... like real soon so I can be happy again! Gosh.. its killing me right now!

Today is Father's Day! But my dad is not around to celebrate with me and I had to cook my own dinner and stay at home whole day handling house chores! Great father's day I have this year lah!! This year has been quite rough for me as I am going through a hard time to maintain my lifestyle! But in a few years time.. its going to change! I had to leave my friends back in Malaysia! WHY!! WHY!!

Ending it here.. emotional rush again! FML !


  1. no worries, im always around, that's life! else, no stress no life, or u can call it taitailife. stress makes life sometimes! though u are leaving me when im back!! i'll visit u regularly!! and you have to visit me regularly too!!!!


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