Memories 2013

Memories are created to be remembered but maybe some was created to hurt you. Things happen and life moves on! I am clearing my memories, which memories should be kept and what should be thrown away. I always cherish those memories and love the people who loves me!

Well, didn't update my blogs with pictures for really really long time, so I guess it's time to show you guys what has been missing!

My mum' s birthday not long ago but I didn't get to take any recent pictures with her cause that time when she is back to celebrate, things don't work well. Happy Birthday Mummy!!! I love you forever! 

Love curling my hair sometimes this year.

The gang that I used to hang out with but some has already gone, you will find out who is it going down along the pictures. 

May 2013! Celebrating the 2 babes 21st birthday! 

Another one 21st birthday celebration! I introduce you to Michele Teh Ping Ping! 

The birthday cake was custom made! Shoooo prettay ! 

It's Halloween! So Happy Halloween with my zombie look taken a while back during a short film shooting!

Crazy enough to make me go wild!! 

With the ah mou that has a girl's skin on his face! 

The girlfriend when she is back from UK for summer break! 

Went to celebrate her birthday in Gangnam 88.


And food... 

Currently living with my grandmother! Yes, I shifted! Life been twisting up and down due to some personal reasons.

Farewell lunch for Wee Horng! Ok lah, I don't call you ah mou here lah! 

Plan B breakfast! 

Was working for Spritzer during my break.

Facetime with Wee Horng after he went to UK! Time difference really make communication hard for us! We had to facetime him during our class! 

Coming to the end of the year! September! 

Both of us are September babies! 

Thanks for the present guys! And "Guai Sun" for shopping for my present! Lovess..

Celebrating our birthday @Opus! Food is delicious! 

Birthday present from girlfriend all the way from UK! Thanks, you make me feel guilty for not buying you any birthday present! Thanks for the understanding due to my condition. Love ya! 

Dress up for a KPOP theme birthday party! Look like one ?

With the primary school friends that I meet through friends! The world is such a small place. 

Group pictures!! Had to take off my scarf cause its itching my hair! 

Wendy OYP!!! 

Michele Teh Ping Ping! HAHAHAHAH... Love to call her full name! 


With the swagwannabetb! Opps... 

And.... here comes the birthday girl for Kpop theme birthday party! I love you !!!!! 

Hi there, Ruby..... 

Been wondering who is "Guai Sun"? Yep this is my precious "Guai Sun"!!! 

Garage 51 opposite Sunway International School! 

Coffe Art thats been trending nowadays.

My spaghetti! Bolognese for spaghetti lover! 

The another girlfriend that was missing out soooo much fun! Get to see her after so long, we miss you Penny :(

Heeeee.... Free flow spaghetti @Lousiana Kelana Jaya with the gang!

Somebody was not concetrating in class and created this illustration of Michele Teh Ping Ping! 

Caffeiness Waffles!

This tiramisu is the BOMB! 

Celebrating October babies' birthday! Kent Chan, the only guy in our group. Realize who has gone missing from the earlier year of pictures? 

Been hanging out with this two Cutie Pie in Uni! 

So, that's about it! People come and go! We can't do much about it even though its a really harsh one! Just gotta accept that they are gone and wish them good luck! Anyway, I am glad to meet all of them in my life that created beautiful memories for me throughout the life in University! I love you guys always and forever! 

Of course, been missing my parents a lot since they are not here with me now! Always waiting for holidays so that I can go and see them during my break! But, the studies been really really busy that I seldom have break to went down and visit them! Soon.. I hope! 

Time to study!! Japanese Midterm tomorrow! Wish me luck!! 

Love, Jia Leng


  1. nah its okay! just get me my hello kitty! that's all! so prepare to have a long queue at mcd!!


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