Skipping Meals

I skipped my dinner last night cause my mum and bro went for facial and my dad went to have dinner with this boss. I don't know why, I really depress last night. I am freaking hungry but I have no appetite at all. So I just starve and wait for the next day. I was hoping I can sleep as early as possible because I am dead tired from not eating my dinner and my whole day was crap because I don't get enough sleep. But! My laptop decide to fail on me! Had to update something and the line was super super slow that I have to stay awake till 2am in the morning. When the clock strike 2, I can't wait anymore but to collapse straight away to my bed beside my mum that was already sleeping soundly. I can feel my stomache growling as mad but I fell asleep very soon due to the fatigue.

The next day, I was woken up by my mum to ask to go for breakfast, but there was no time for breakfast after they finish preparing to take off from KL back to Singapore! I was lack of energy to start off my day and just slack at my bed. Until some point, I feel really dizzy that I may faint anytime. So, I got up and take a bath worrying that I might just faint in the bathroom. It was even difficult to lift up my leg or holding a shampoo bottle. It was the worst feeling ever that you are helpless. I quickly finish my bath and went down to the kitchen with the heaviest step in my life from 3rd floor to the 1st floor.

I quickly take a bite on everything that I could to restore my energy as soon as possible before anyone could see my horrible state. After drinking some Milo and ate some bread, I feel so much better but my hand still shaking that I can't really hold still. My brain was telling me to get some rest and don't do heavy task. It break down my mental and physical at the same time. I use to study whole day in Taylor without eating anything, and yet I have energy to drive back home without any symptoms. But, I just skip my dinner and breakfast for this time and I had to go through such painful experience. No more next time! I will surely eat my dinner no matter how late it was to take to have my final meal of the day.

For those who can stand whole day without eating anything just to loss weight, I only can say, its really unhealthy by what I experience this morning. I feel that my body was literally dead. I can hear my heartbeat really really loud like when you watch Godzilla, the godzilla was dying on the bridge and hearing it's last heartbeat sound. Scary as f***!

Time to doze off for my afternoon nap and its going to rain! I think I can sleep so much better with the rainy weather. Probably only will fully gain back my energy by tomorrow morning!


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