Dayre + Internship Placement

Dayre Apps has made blogging never this easy! You just update whatever you want on that day anytime you want and at the end of the day, all post will sum up as a blog! How magical is it, right? It has cute stickers to attach in case you don't have a selfie that can express your feelings through the updates.

So far, I have been using it well enough to get addicted but not much people that are keen about it because most of them don't blog like I use to! I have got to look at so many Xiaxue's baby, Dashie! They are soooo cute as Xiaxue don't post that much picture in Instagram. Besides, there are so many bloggers having their pregnancy this year. I get to watch FighterTiah, Jude, Audrey's baby smilling... Just so cute!! Cuteness OVERLOAD from both of the babies!

But, I will miss few days on Dayre when I am really busy because I don't have data for my phone. So, I only get to update everything when I am at home, but at the end, it will still end up like a blog post right! So it doesnt matter to me anyway!

Its been hectic lately, finally got my internship placement near my place and I am really happy with the result! I get to experience real life working industry under more comfortable and friendly people. Those who reads my blog from the start knew I really had a bad time during my previous internship right? I am just glad that I get to work under comfortable environment. Although its not a big company but as long as I get to learn more things and meet new people, I am already satisfied with it. I haven started my internship yet but I get to attend events! This excites me to be honest cause my friends all wouldnt want to attend anything and started anything since its not their internship period, but I get to know more people and really meet industrial top position people and CEO!!! I AM EXCITED AS HELL! But, timing is being a bitch cause I am also in my most busiest time throughout my semester! Assignments and Final EXAM!!!!

Anyway, its too long for a blog post at this period of hour for me now! Updates more on the next blog post soon! BYEEEEE...


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