The Heirs Drama

Watching new drama recently! Keep wanting more of their episodes but they only come out 2 episodes per week!!!! I can't wait!!!!

The Heirs or some call it The Inheritors! Starring Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin. Really an awesome drama!

I introduce you "The Heirs".

This is where it stop!! Can't wait for episode 9... T.T

The other male casts! All good looking man, how can you resist?

A couple poster! Love this to the max.. 

So go search for "The Heirs" to watch online! You really should watch this, sad, romantic and well.. you know, the cliche part where all korean drama has in a love story. Forbidding them being together because of the family status and all! But you have to see how they act it and how the story line goes!

Awesome drama!

Urgh, hate people put fireworks at night or midnight! People are sleeping!! HELLO!!!

Good Night~

PS: All photos credit to google! Tehee!


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