Today, I woke up and as usual having daily chores to think about and worrying about. But something felt different, I think I learnt something new and it makes me a better person. Sometimes, being a perfectionist, you will never see such flaws and realize how important the process is. Making mistakes is part of life and I have learnt that few years ago, but now, I have learnt that how mistakes bring up a person and make that person a better man. Doing things right isn't always the right way to do something! Its not a mistake I made but a experience I saw!

I always don't know how people think of me and look of me, but, I am still going to be as cold as ice towards strangers and as hot as volcano towards those people who lives within my life. Keep thinking of what others think about you, you are not being yourself but faking yourself to be someone others wanted to see in you.

Blurting all out now, I feel relief but somehow, something is still triggering in my heart and I am still trying to figure what is it. Maybe its that, but I am not so sure about it. Getting my life on tracks is the goal I have to achieve now, but I might change the moment after I post this! 진자물아서요 ...


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