Finally, a update with pictures here but a really short one cause I have limit myself from taking pictures! My habit of taking pictures of every single things is no longer buggering me. HAHAHAHA.. So here is what I got after the previous picture post! 

Get to meet up with long lost friend and it felt soooo good! Was happy that we had reunited once again with an additional member! Hahaha.. only we know what that means! Congrates Chin May Shan! 

And, got a call from my brother in the class and was told that he got a tyre puncture along his way to class and I have to rush out from class to rescue him! LOL! I describe myself as superman in that situation to save him from this ugly creature! Such imagination I have... Well, its really kinda ugly right! I didn't see this kind of tyre puncture before! Its like everything burst !! How can a tyre burst like that???? 

Then, I found a nail, super long new nail puncture through the tyre! He always has this kind of luck of getting something into his tyre.. Urgh! And he didn't even realize there is a nail until I found it for him.. how is he going to be independent next time or he don't have to ? 

More of this ugly creature! 

Had lunch some day at some Japanese Restaurant that located at lower ground @ Garden! Forgot what its called but actually I wanted to dine in Sushi Zanmai but as usual the queue is mad long and I can't wait any longer for the food to dive into my stomach! Mad hungry and then my brother told me there is another branch of Sushi Zanmai at lower ground! So, I just go for it and its not even worth my penny! Urgh! Its better than Sushi Zanmai but with the price, I still prefer Sushi Zanmai! Cawan Mushi that I missed so long! 

So.. this is my lunch for that day! Ordered Teriyaki Chicken, nice and soft meat but they have fats attached to it! NO! I hate it !! And the side dishes sucks! Its just me or what? Anyway, it doesn't suit my taste at all! 

This is an unfiltered picture of me trying some expensive romper in Topshop! Why their clothes have to be that expensive?? Why? But its so nice.... 

I think I have too much courage of uplaoding unfiltered selfie here.. No larh.. Maybe I am just lazy! Hahahaha.. Attended an event some other day as my first internship event like I mention earlier in my post! Gotta wear formal for that event and my mum brought most of the nice formal clothes back to Singapore and left me the ugly ones, so I gotta mix and match the unformal clothes to become formal! Well, its not that hard either! Just a light make up will do here! And I don't put on heavy make up usually unless I need to attend some really really big happening event! I am there to work this time and its my first, I look okay with light make up on right? 

The food at the event was ... OMG! How should I put it.. At first, they serve raw ginseng and add some cooking skill to it but the taste of ginseng is still there! Nobody really ate the raw ginseng, I ate it that day and the next day, my body was burning hot but they said its a good thing because it kept your body warm. Well, I guess Yes cause I feel so much healthier after the burning sensation I got in the morning. This was the "he ye fan" they serve in Pullman Hotel Bangsar. 

My favourite!!!! Prawns! I love prawns! Big Prawns but my family have allergy to prawns which is why I can't have it at all until I came to my grandma house. Well, its not that they cook big prawns but at least they add those small prawns into their dish to look nicer and sweeter. Ahhh.. I JUST LOVE PRAWNS ESPECIALLY BIG PRAWNS!! THIS IS SO DELICIOUS! 

Get to try their ginseng drinks! It taste like a sweeter ginseng in liquid form, I guess not everyone can accept the taste of ginseng including me, although its a really healthy consumption for our body! You guys can tryyy.. perhaps you guys like it! 

Yep! This is the one "hong sam G" ! 

I gotta say the performance that night was awesome! Great mc and performers because its all Kpop element! HAHAHAHAH! I am a Kpop fans! We have famous Kpop songs performed and traditional Korean dance! They also have this singing performance that actually touch my heart where they sang those 90's 80's classic songs! It brings back memory and it was fun! Really fun! I am like attending my own company dinner! Hahaha.. And did I forget to mention that.. tha guys there were so HOT! All tall and big size guy in formal coat where you only can see in korean dramas! I can't drool in front of my boss but my heart was drooling because of those guys! 

Created a brand "Coffee Dream 꿈" for my assignments and for the first time I don't feel nervous at all for my presentation! Hahahah.. Thank you so much Mr.Winston! and the comment of me squatting down during the presentation, its not part of the presentation but not to block the other group members while helping them to skip slides :( anyways, get a really high mark for this presentation! Hhahaha.. Thank You Soooo Much! 

Mocha @ The Read Bean Bag Publika while waiting for my brother for his farewell party and end up going back myself and back to Publika again to pick up a drunkard! Gotta say their mocha was so so as the chocolate taste is not that rich and nothing taste thick enough for me! Coffee art was pretty but taste is important for me as well! 

Its exam period now and my brother left for Singapore and leave all the errands to me! THANKS A LOT! SUCKER! 

Sushi Making day as one of my Japanese assignment! It was really a weird assignment to have in a assignment course but we really did learn something! Well, not all were made by us but the ugly ones that you can find! But ours finish the quickiest! Means it taste awesome for Malaysia appetite! Gain experience from my sushi making with my mum! Thanks mum for the experience! 

Gotta say again! Look at my eyelashes!!! Its so thick but not long enough I know! But it looks so nice here! I swear I didn't put on any mascara, its just purely my bare eyelashes! 

Christmas decoration in Mid Valley! Didn't disappoint me this year but of course yet to discover the Pavilions one! 

With pink theme! Its so beautiful! My favourite festival of the year! Who don't love Christmas ...

Tired and exhausted for exam! And got pissed off that day this picture was taken! Urgh! 

Finally, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I am heading down to Singapore to reunite with my parents once I finish my exams! My schedule never let my breathe once before! Busy as hell and I have miss my friends so much! We barely even have a hang out session this semester! Degree life... WHY SO STRESS? But I am sure to catch up with them soon when I am free but.. but... once I am back from Singapore, I am starting my internship already and after my internship I only have one week break for me to catch up with my friends and do all the reports! LOOK! WHY CAN'T GIVE ME EVEN A SECOND TO BREATH!! 

But still, life goes on! Another year is going to pass again.. and things change! Gotta suck it up and live the best so you won't regret any of it! 

Seiously, I am missing someone... That voice.. How I wish you were back here again and spend times doing weird stuff with us again.. 

Night Peeps! 


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