Hi peeps, blogging in Singapore now! Excited as usual! Christmas is tomorrow, can't wait to explore Orchard Road tomorrow with the family but for sure, it will be pack as hell but who cares as long as I get to see those beautiful lights and Christmas decorations! Hah!

Well, time to update on Christmas Eve! Lets go!

Went to meet my besties for a chit chat session in a playground! 
Brought these two monkeys as reward for improving in their studies! And had some chatting session with May Shan! 

Group photo! 

The bald me and smiley Shan!



The pig, actually she is the one that called me pig in chinese but I not "fu shu" so I called her "the pig"! "piece"

No reason for this photo, I just think I look super innocent here! Hahahaha.. 

Went to cut my hair at Number 76 Mid Valley! Steve is giving me the hair cut this time and I super love it! He is damn cute and friendly and he is a Japanese so he damn polite! But for a hair cut its quite pricey for me to cut there but long long time once its ok la! Ok la.. can't wait till new years to expose my shorter hair. 

Tada! First day of hair cut, they help me style it too by curling the bottom part with just comb and hairdryer! It lasted for two whole day! Well, you know when you get a hair cut and they style it so nice that you want to keep it as long as possible because once you wash it, it will look different! 

This is how it looked on the second day morning, still look so nice! And finally I washed it on the second day! BUT after I wash it, still look so nice! Director memang different! Yeah, Steve is the director for the branch in Mid Valley!  

This one is after washed and blew it myself! Still look ok la right! Loving it! Easy to maintain! 

Went to Lousiana again for farewell gathering before we spend our holidays in different places! That day the service there sucks like hell cause 1. they are having renovation at their open area 2. TOOO MANY PEOPLE! Like seriously, until they can't handle and closed the buffet time at 2pm instead of their usual time at 3pm. I guess they ran out of spaghetti! Hhahaha.. 

Nahhhh.. a picture with Kent, later he say me why don't have his picture! 

A picture with the M-I-C and you finish the rest of the spelling if you can think of any! Hhahha.. take care and enjoy your trip in UK! 

Long time no see babe, Penny! Finally! Still as gorgeous as always! 

My "guai sun", chose a “不正经” picture of us cause when we come together we always act “不正经” ! Evil Popo always love you ooo... 

That day this Wendy look so pale cause no wear eye make up lol! 

Half group picture without sooo many people in it! Totally forgot about the group picture cause we sang in separate rooms! 

One with Michele Ping Ping! Hhaahha.. nickname is "teh ping" which is part of her name! lol! 

Silly us!

Christmas presentsss from the loves one! Thank you so much for the presents and sorry for not buying anything for you guys! You guys still prepared Christmas present despite the busy schedule we all have so I am not gonna give any excuse of too busy for not buying Christmas you guys! Give you guys kisses here! 

Muacks Muacks Muacks!! xxxx

Thank you!! <3 p="">
Then its 冬至节 on Sunday before I leave for Singapore! Made 汤圆 in the morning! 

And fooooood in the afternoon! Love festivals! Nom Nom Nom! 

Yep I think that's all for today! Next post should be my Christmas post in Singapore! Stay tune or maybe some random wordy post again! Who knows when the mood is there... 

Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


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