Back to Lazy Life

Back to my life of not studying and slacking around the in my room, but this time I am changing venue to my another new room in Singapore. Yes! Heading to Singapore for Christmas Holiday to reunite with my family! Can't wait! But before that, I had to clean up my room as I am leaving it lifeless for one whole week and I haven't pack my luggage yet and I only left one day that's tomorrow! AND tomorrow is the "tang yuan" festival! BAM! Everything is so packed even after my final exam!

Ahhh.. thought of uploading pictures for yesterday outing but I am too lazy now after updating myself by watching running man. So, imma go to bed early to wake up super early tomorrow to do the "tang yuan"! So maybe I will update my blog again by tomorrow or when I reach Singapore!

There is more to come! Wohoooo...

Here enjoy this week's music video features
후회할거야 'Regret' MV- 2AM

Good night!


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