It's Christmas!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! 2013 is ending and 2014 is coming~ LOL! DUH!

Just wanna say...

2013 has been a year that gave me hope and disappointment. There were things happened where it meant to be and somethings just light up my life.. NO! I am not talking about RELATIONSHIP here! Still no hope on that but ... my bestie got one recently! Really felt happy for her.. Back to the topic.. 2013 has been a turning point in my life because of all the separation I had to deal with and my lifestyle did change after that!

So.. good and bad things come and go.. as expected what life would be and I will be fighting on for the goods!

Since its the favourite festival for most of the people ... a Christmas Song cover from David So and Paul Kim here to share with you guys! I think this cover is awesome like shit! Super amazing singing skill.. I gotta train on that now! Lol!

Hope you guys enjoy the festive moment here!

Good Luck!


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