Silly Update

A really short one here ...

My final exam is ending tomorrow!!! Soooo excited and can't wait for the outing session with the gang! Honestly, we didn't even hang out for once when we started this semester. So it's like a celebration for our end of semester aka hectic degree life aka CHRISTMAS PARTY! Just a chill out session with the love ones, we don't exchange present, we just TALK! There is so much to talk about as we don't really chat much in the conversation group! Ahhh.. just thinking about it make me feel soooo GOOD! Well, cut my hair short today, took a really big courage to do that cause I know I don't look good in short hair but sometimes we need a change in life right? So yeah! I am not showing any pictures of me in short hair, so wait till I upload my Chinese New Year post cause my short hair was meant to be perfect at that time.

A change of hairstyle really did change something, I feel more motivated to do my studies! Hmm.. I should have cut it earlier before my exam..

Well, so pretty much about it! Just a silly updates on my jumping mood now means a bad thing for me cause its almost 1am and I should be feeling sleepy instead ..

Good Night!


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