090114 @ 2 more minutes to pass 12 midnight

Internship... YES! Everyone is having internship right now, I mean all my college friends (or university friends? still confuse what to call after all these years) LOL! I am grateful that I found this internship company that brings me a lot of joy on working in the office and communicating comfortably without any big issue because one of the biggest problem for interns is not communicating well with their colleague that cause complications and misunderstanding that could lead to stress and depression from all the shitty behaviour that received. Inception much!

Bad communication > complications/ misunderstanding > stress/ depression > shitty behaviour > cry every night > shitty supervisor report > cry again in front of lecturer > internship phobia

GEDDIT ?? LOL! I really lol myself la...

So, as what I am going to talk about here is....

I am really happy working with my current boss and supervisor and colleagues and I am excited to meet another intern coming in next week! Hah! Aside from these pros, actually I am really tired everytime I reached home cause I don't use to go out the whole day where my stamina can't handle it. Now everytime I reached home either I slept right after my dinner and woke up nearly middle of the night and sleep again at 2am or I update my social network and slept at 11pm which is an hour ago for me today cause I didn't slept just now so, i should be sleeping right now!

But as I was scrolling through my Facebook, I saw my friend shared about Five Stars Travel Agency in Singapore went bankrupt yesterday afternoon all of the sudden and this news shocked me because my parents bought tickets from them to come back for Chinese New Year. They couldn't buy tickets from Grassland because they are all sold out even before 3 months before Chinese New Year. So, with all the information I get and I had to search on it to check whether its true and reliable to tell my parents, its already pass my bed time. After complications of communication going on, its almost 12am now!

I better head to bed or else I will really look like a panda tomorrow! And tomorrow is Friday!!! I never knew friday was that excited when I was studying because I get a few days off even on weekdays so I never felt the "TGIF" excitement, I can feel it now! But as usual, time will never enough for me to do everything! When I am busy, I am busy like super duper gigantic busy. And when I am free, I am free like nobody business until I can rot at home. This not only works on me but on my friends, too! So, time, please treat us nice and let us do things balancely (is there a word like this ?) or maybe is not the time fault? Ahh.. whatever, I'll blame it on the time..

Time to fade off... wow.. new adverb here (feeling proud.. just kidding) BYE!

Oh yah! The Christmas post, just forget about it! Didn't get to take pictures because no one wants to go with me to Orchard at night! HATE! So, no fun times in Singapore this time. Well, no one really reads my post anyway.. so chiaozzz...



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