Hi guys, said earlier few post that I had some pictures for Christmas in Singapore but decided not to post it up cause its too little, but well, guess what, I decided to clump it into my daily routine post. So yay!

The pictures all were taken with my iPhone *wink*

I didn't actually went to Orchard during night time cause no one wants to accompany me feeling grumpy ! So sad right and its super boring for this trip down because my mum had to work and I had to go shopping alone! "Enjoyable" I would say!! I am going down with my friends next time! Hmph!

Chrismas tree across the road cause I am feeling lazy to cross over just for a picture, so I took it over the road. I bet it would be so much prettier during the night time.

Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree, not really fancy for this.

This look normal outside but the inside....
 (I know this look like a poster with all the ang moh with it)

Tada! So pretty inside the huge Christmas Tree hor.. 
but just like that only la.. that's all! hahaha
Had McCafe Cappucino while chilling with my dad and brother at West Gate 

Mine :)

Ohhh.. you will not believe how nice and worth it is this man!!! Free flow snow crab!!! 
How to resist ?? Look at the mountain of snow crab!!!

Varieties of sushi! As nice as the real japanese sushi that you can only taste in Japan! 
But buffet, we don't eat sushi that much cause it makes you full damn fast! 

The most syok moment I had in Singapore for this trip ! Slurppp! 

And.. finally sushi! 

I think that's all that is worth to share for this trip to Singapore .. so boring right! 

Next part! Started my internship right after I came back from Singapore! Met a really nice boss and colleagues and also cute supervisor! Hahaha, I am bless this time for intership as compare to what I came across for the previous internship!

Came back and had to bring my car to change the wiper cause that freaking idiot indian living near my place touch my car while they are drunk and don't know how they play with my car until my solid hard wiper holder can "mer" until like nike logo! Cost me freaking RM90 for those wiper holder you asshole UEP!!! 

THIS! This is like heaven in your mouth! Alexis's Tiramisu! The best Tiramisu I had so far in my life! Bought this on the way back home and share it with my brother in the car. It was sooo gooood! I can have this like everyday until I wanted to get bored of it so that I won't crave for it cause its not cheap! As usual, good stuff comes with a "good" price! 

This little kitten was left outside the office and can barely walk and open its eyes! So kesian, so one of my colleagues brought it to her friends house. Still don't know how is it doing now as what I know, the mother of the cat in her friend's house rejected it but the siblings all accepted it! Hopefully it did well there! 

Went for primary school gathering @ publika and tried out The Social. Here is my Mac and Cheese. It was so so only lar.. the taste can be more savoury! It was kind of blend but the turkey bacon brought in some taste .. 

And! another day, I became a light bulb! 


Brought her and her boyfriend to eat her favourite "ru rou fan" @Sungei Wang! Always came back to this whenever I crave for "ru rou fan".

See! I am like the brightest light bulb there! 

Okay larh! Got one just for the two of us! 

I also discovered many other restaurants and foods around Kuchai Lama which I use to hang out but didn't really explore lar.. This is from Indulge Cafe above NSK. It was alright, environment is comfy and they sell mild crepe as well. Another spot in Kuchai Lama to chill ?

After so long, yes! Finally, I get to try BurgerLab! I love it! It was so goood! And also pricey.. 

Ending with my selfies here! Heee.. 

I can sleep longer for tomorrow because I only have to go in work by 2pm! So happy until can die! Hahahahahah! The people there treat me really good larh, just that staying in the office for one whole day, it's not my type of work! Unless, I am so busy until I didn't realize time was ticking! Sometimes, its really boring larh in the office! 

Well, get extra time off today too! Loving this period of time larh! 

Kay, I am feeling sleepy already and ciaoz! Adiozzz... 



  1. im planning to go sg on the first week of april. where will u be???? bring me to sg pleaseeeee. and the best is im alone. no one wanna teman me thereeeeee

    1. haiyo.. timing super off la.. i am starting my sem in april d.. I can't go down la until I finish my sem!


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