Crazy Comics

Beware!! Disturbing photos might included in this post if you continue reading.

Work supposingly start at 2pm postpone to 3pm then 3.30pm! HOW AWESOME is it! Well, been thinking about what to wear for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Fyi, Every year of Chinese New Year, we need to buy new clothes and it must be in red (well, at least one part of the attire has to be red that represent "ang"). So, the recent trend was monochrome and darker tone colour clothes, so, there are NO NICE CLOTHES to shop even in atas kind of shop. Very little red options for this year. So, I had no choice, went online and buy buy buy! Finally got one and after mix and match, I got two outfit to wear during Chinese New Year! Yahooooo!!!

Next, I cut my hair into middle length and I thought of a change would be good but, there is so limited hairstyle I can play with compare to my previous really long hair. So, as I have the time now, I play with my hair and webcam.

Let's see! What can I do with my hair...

There are so many image of hair running in my head that I wanna make...

I think I can pull it off if I think harder... hmmm..

Ahh.. whats the big deal, I am a clever girl! I am sure I can work this out..

How bout this? Elegant enough despite my hair quality.. 

Urgh.. the sun is bothering me with the sunlights!! 

Went crazy after that.. blahhh.. whatever..

I gave up! Hair why u so hard to manage? *I hate you*

Don't get angry hair.. I still love you cause I didn't cut you off empty.. 

And yeah! I am officially crazy thought of the dash comic Xiaxue did and I wanted to try with the above photos. It looks fail though... Fine! I am off 

One last kiss! Muacks ! XOXO...


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