DREAM 2: Brunch with family in a relaxing environment

We know friends like us like to chill in a relaxing places and going to try out some new place. I did that with lots of my friends but then, I came across to one candid picture of my friend having brunch with his dad at this chilling environment restaurant having classic western breakfast, I just wish that I can do that some day with my family and I think is kinda impossible, so it became another dream of mine.

Having a chit chat inside the car with laughter and "oh! here we are parking right in front of the restaurant slash cafe, how lucky we are" said one of us. Walking while talking non stop that we can't afford to glaze off each other eyes cause we are too into the conversation. Here we are at our seat, looking at the menu and order something that we really wanted to have for brunch without looking at the price. Paying without looking at the price is a goddam hell good feeling cause you are rich Ordered and continue with out lifestyle talking. Chatting and laughing away with jokes and maybe yellow jokes? Hahaha!

Here comes the coffee serve from the handsome looking waiter. The smell of the coffee and the morning scent just blend in so well together. Taking a sip and trying out others. Start taking pictures for memories we hardly do this cause no one in my family like to take photos and posting for Instagram of course. Then likes of picture in Insta came in and we start chattering away with Insta pictures stories.

The food is served and its so pretty that we dress in casual wear where I am in white plain shirt with long vintage necklace and long pants with sneakers. Well, just imagine others somehow dress something similar Here we go, nom up the foods and slow down the talks which our mouths are busy with the foods. After finish up almost everything and got mine left over some because of my picky habits, my dad nom up mine as well as we always called him "bandaraya" in the family. We sit and chill for a while and went out for a brunch walk under the sun with a slightly cold wind. The breeze just make me so cooling and relax that I wanted to stay longer out in the open air.


If you wonder what is my Dream 1, it's my orthodontics. Yeah, the one that I refuse to share cause its inappropriate for public knowledge. 


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