Not the same person anymore

After years of being friends, perhaps the longest I had, I will never expect something like this to happen. I know how people say that friends are not bad but they only change to something you don't like. I can't say it happen to my case. SHE CHANGED. Yes something I dont like but it's because she change not to be better but worst. It really broke my heart to type this out but I can't bare it anymore. Everyone is leaving my side one by one and I doubt that they will be coming back to me again. Me and her had more than friends, almost close to family, so it really disturb me not to solve this earlier or sooner. 

Why you have to be like that and not realising it. I know why but I just not ready to accept it yet. I am really sad.. sad as hell... yet you can act like nothing happen and not wanting to contact me.. perhaps maybe they are right, friends will never be forever no matter how long it is... 

You look different and you sound different, I think I don't know you anymore... It really breaks my heart man! Damn! 


  1. I will be here for u^^ don't sad o! Love you my friend~


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