Updates till 17022014

Seriously, I don't get how my parents think nowadays. We don't compate that much anymore and I always can't get what they are thinking anymore. Its really hard for me to communicate with them since they are not by my side.

This life changing thing is sucking every bit of my soul. It's really really hard to cope with it. I admit I adapt the change of the environment well but not mentally. There is so much emotion going on and I can't express anything about it. There is no one for me to express it to. So .. it usually end up here where I try to express it by words. But, I can't seem to pour it out here because that emotion is indescribable and I tend to lose that feelings.

Anyway, there is a lot of draft that I have been writing on but some of them may be too harsh to read so I decided to keep it to myself and it may hurt people's feelings too. Well, it makes me think about the quote "some words may hurt", which was used quite often by my gang of course. I think I am crapping again.

Today, my boss talked to me. He wanted me to go back as a part timer when I finish my intern period there! YAY! Extra money! But i guess won't be much la.. cause I am still studying and it depends on my timetable.

And.... JENG JENG JENG! FINALLY, I am doing my braces after so much emotional mentally complication. YES! For those who don't have to fight for ur orthodontics, be grateful! I gone through so much pain and emotion to get to this point where I can get braces done.

It's one of my dream after I see the after effect of it. I want to have a pretty smile, you can say me 爱美, which girl don't 爱美one la.. And after I build up my courage to decide to do braces, despite all the pain I had to go through for the treatment, it's the hardest part I can say, to go through my parents. I don't want to make it sound bad so all I can say is, "money really solve everything". You can say me being realistic and all but its true! After you became rich and you feel that money is not that important is because you already have it. You don't know the feeling of not being able to do what you want. This is only one of the problem, another one, its really hard for me to utter even a single word, cause I might cry to sleep again.

So yeah! That probably sums up my update here. I have so much more to write regarding to my internship and living life now, but nah, gonna throw that behind my head for a while or maybe perhaps some drinks to cool me down before I get to those.


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