Back on Feet

Today, I decided to choose a direction and try to walk through it..

Went to Taylor's to pay my tuition fees and went to Sunway Pyramid alone. After so long of being alone all the time, its not that nice to shop alone anymore... I use to miss that but not now.. cause I am alone for too long.. really too long..

Went to McD to fix my cravings since last night but I didn't get to fix it cause I have lost total 4 teeth for my braces procedure. I can't have my CHICKEN SPICY MCDELUXE and now they come out with the blackpepper one to compete with the spicy one! BUT.. I can't eat any of that.. URGH! Don't care, I am going to buy back home and cut it into pieces so I can eat and fix my cravings.

Plan to went shopping for clothes and shoes but end up buy neither of those and bought some accesories, nail polish, cosmetic and PUZZLE! Finally, I get to pick up my long lost hobby-- PUZZLE! I bet no one knows about my hidden hobby but not anymore. Yes! I love puzzle since I was a kid but the cost is too pricy for me which cost at least RM50 and some may end up to RM300-500!! Yeah! So I bought a cheap one today of course and its a mini puzzle. Its real and not made from China or whatever cheap stuff, so I bought a frame for it too! Can't wait to finish it but... I started this afternoon, it was wayyyyyyyy harder than I thought cause I bought a puzzle which only contain 3 tone of colour! "Clever" right ?? Haiz.. now I gotta get all frustrated to finish that puzzle!

Oh well, I have a book to finish, too. Its 50 shades of grey *grin smile*. Got it from my ex-colleague! Thanks for lending me YO!

Starting my class next week, still so frustrated about my timetable! So pack that I think I need redbull everyday to finish my class and assignments for the upcoming semester and also my last semester! Oh Yeah! I am getting my Degree finally! But still wondering, what am I gonna do after I graduate.

Alright, I need to hit the sack now! It's been a really rough life for me nowadays! I need to at least have my precious sleep time! Good night, Peeps!


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