Daily Routine & Updates

Daily Routine:

Wake up at 8.30am > get prepared for work

Work start at 10am > lunch break from 1 to 2pm

Finish work at 6pm, usually later > reach home almost 6.30 to 7.30pm

Have dinner > Bath > Lock myself in the room > Staring at my laptop till I fall asleep

This kind of life... I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! I can't have my own free time and do my favourite things and can't meet my friends! Urgh! I am craving for so many food that I don't even want to care how full I am to finally get them in my mouth.

My friend got dates with boyfriend... most of my other friends either have internship and as busy as me or went to overseas and somewhere far to study and work... my brother and parents already living in Singapore... I seriously have no one else ...

Attend to some events during my internship but I ain't writing about them cause its boring.. Gonna update on my life.. 

After I started my internship, I look so pale, no matter how I try to make myself look more lively, I just can't!

It was stressful to deal with someone in the office but I am happy with this bunch of girls! Luckily I have them or else I will die of boredom and accusations.

Had an event to attend and selca-ing in the car! Gonna miss you both so much and you guys are ciao-ing soon :(

Went to BurgerLab for my friend's farewell. Another one leaving me...

I think I will get addicted to coffee someday, cause I finally realize the effect of it that explains why so many people can't live without it.

So there you are! Some pictures and memories I had to avoid you from getting so bored of reading only words and text in my blog. 

Seriously.. I feel so lonely nowadays.. 


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