Back in Campus

How it feels to be back in campus? Its exciting to see my classmates again but the workload is much much more heavier and I can say its the heaviest among all the semester, well, its the last semester for degree, can't say that I didn't expect that right?

Second week and its already starting to get so hectic! For me, the subject overall is ok but there is only one subject that makes me headache on and on... Its a subject that I had to go and meet real industry client. The project was fun but the timeline.. I only get a week to finish each assignments and had to present to the client! WTF!! Presentation is always .. always.. yall know .. a barrier for me in the assigments! URGH!

Besides, the timetable, three different major in mass comm have sooooo different timetable! Taylor's, "GOOD JOB" in sorting out the timetable la.. you just made a huge gap between us, even lunch is so hard!

With the heavy workload and friendless mood in campus, it literally sucks my mood away .. and the TRAFFIC! PARKING! I can't have a good memories in campus even in my last semester..

Break me down sometimes for staying away from my family and no one to tell and no one to talk about it!

My mum always says that its an opportunity to be strong and independent and sometimes I need break too right ? I am a human which have feelings not machine ..

All I can say is.. Life goes on..


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