Emotion Strikes

Alright, to be honest, things is starting to get outta control! I just can't control my emotion anymore. I cry so easily I get mad so often and I say harsh things to people and I do not realize that I am doing all this until one day, when I am trying to sleep, I wonder why things are getting so difficult for me recently?

And.. I thought to myself that because I have to fight for everything that I want and need! Things don't come naturally and when u want something you have to invest part of what you want and have in order to get to the things you want! Everyone has a dark side of them, my dark side .. can be really dark.. but I can't do bad to people and it end up ... I am suffering alone! I barely get a hold of myself when my emotion strike!

This will also show how many people around me are sincere .. sadly, I have to say I have only a little that even one hand is enough to count all of them! After all these times and care that I put in.. I get nothing back! It feels devastated and it also taught me who are the REAL ones. So, I just accept them.. barely accept...

I think I really need to stay with my parents because after all these times, I think I can't handle so much things because I am not with them. I am not living with them, so I can't see them, I can't feel their love either.. This put me on the edge of the cliff making me want to jump any moment when I can't breath..

I can give up eveything but not my parents.. I now honestly admit that I can't live without them.. So, I will go to Singapore as soon as possible after this fucking horrible last semester end! I am not sorry for leaving the rest of you back here because I need to survive to come back to meet you guys back here.

I hardly breath nowadays......


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