Actually I really extend my limit of patience just because I don't want to fail my subject! There are so much to complaint that I can give you my brain and download a total of 100gb of complaints! This is making me having a mental breakdown and furthermore, I can never had a more worse group mate! Not leading but being a bitch! Urgh! Seriously, I am so gonna leave these behind and never look back after my graduation! Don't ever call me or whatever.. I don't need such a insincere friend which I already acknowledge them earlier!

I never wish that I am in Singapore more than now! Like RIGHT NOW! I need my parents and also my friend that is going to work so far from me T.T

I never felt so loved since so long ago although what we do is just hanging around watching movie like an old couple! Ahhh.. I can't imagine how my life would be without her man..

I am crapping again! Ciaoz! Gotta believe that La Vie est Belle!


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