Degree Life, No Kidding!

In the mood of writing and crapping again! Well, then I'll update about what I have done recently. No photos because I don't have anytime for that too only food pictures which I am not going to talk about in this post.

Let's Start!

I have been busying working on events and assignments! Yes, thats what they always say when they are busy. BUT! I am really busy because I have total of 3 events and tons and tons of assignments all due on the same week and also on the week that I have event. This is super stressful as the team is trying their best to score! ITS DEGREE! NO KIDDING! I don't even want to think of Master or PhD.

I am in charge of media relation part where we need to handle the media by inviting the media to the event, make sure they received our email which they do and also thousands of others in their mailbox as well. We have to pitch the news to the media to come and handle the media on the event day itself. Communication skills apply where we have our interaction with the media on what we should and should not say and do. Blah blah blah.. Handling media is stressful! Phew..

After the event, we need to monitor the media when they will publish because they won't tell you when and send you a copy of the publication unless you call them and request and that is not the right way to do it. After compiling the media clippings, I need to calculate the PR Value to indicate how much publicity we get and we have to get RM 150,000 PR Value for this project.

In the beginning, we thought that we got a hold of it, BUT! right before the event day, something big happen in Malaysia and all the media wasn't free to attend our event. Eventually, the chances of our event to get a higher publicity decrease. My heart broke to pieces.. WHY .. WHY must it happen on that day!!!

Anyway, long story short, we try our best to get the amount to hit our KPI to score, and then another event is on the way! A more relaxing event for me I can say because all I have to do is call the media and assist on others. And then assignments BOOM! DUE DATES DUE DATES! WALAU.. the most stressful semester I ever had. Seriously..

I don't even have time to shop and run errands. Even my Unifi is not working for the past week and this pisses me off! Seriously, it just had to happen at this very right moment to torture my already suffering period.

I just hope this semester end real soon. Like real soooonnnnnn.... Good Night!


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