20 Facts About Me

I have been tagged really long ago by one of my friends and another just recently in Instagram. I decided to do it on my blog instead of my Instagram account.

Ok! Let's Start!

20 facts about me:

1. I am an almost typical virgo.
2. I am living in Singapore now, but still trying to get use to it.
3. I believe quality is more important than quantity in friends.
4. I can't live without my family, not that I  depend on them, is just that I feel loved when I am with my family.
5. My number one man is my brother! Yes! My BROTHER!
6. I behave differently in front of each person I hang out with so they can be more comfortable.
7. I am unemploy at this moment.
8. I like to sing and dance.
9. I used to love TV Shows and not a internet person, but since I stayed with my relatives in Malaysia, I became a internet person, not social but watching shows online instead of TV.
10. I don't like to text or message, prefer call or meeting each other face to face.
11. I am really scared of attention, therefore, I don't post any updates in my Facebook because I feel that it will expose my life to others way too much. (More than what they should know)
12. I share clothes with my mum, cause we have almost a same size body.
13. I freaking love shoes, but I don't have the money to buy all the shoes that I love.
14. I am an Instagram addict, among all the social network website, I commit only to Instagram. Therefore, I'll definitely will post an update there when things starts to change in my life.
15. I love Korea movies, drama, variety shows, food and everything else, I just don't go crazy over those like korean maniac.
16. I am really really short like literally.
17. I like ice cream but not really fond of dessert.
18. I love food so so much and I hope that I am one of those girls that cannot be fat no matter how much they eat but I AM NOT! T.T
19. I think I am quite a loyal person when it comes to brand, people and things.
20. I am a very emotional and sensitive person. And random. I can just say something irrelated to the topic in a conversation or getting mad, sad over nothing. I observe little things between peoples to guess what is their meaning behind their action, therefore, I always overthink and stress myself out.

There you go! Actually there is more I can think of but I'll just stick to the rules. 20 and DONE!!!

Thanks to Michelle Wong Mei Yee and Carmen Chong Tung Yeng for tagging me to do this challenge.

And ciaoz.. updates on my life in Singapore soon.. or maybe the late updates of my life in Malaysia before I migrate to Singapore.



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