Life before Singapore

A view from a hotel in KL 

It’s been a month since I moved to Singapore and I am basically taking my own sweet time to get use to the life here, which I don’t really like. It’s not like the lifestyle here is not good or unhealthy, it’s because I too get use to the unhealthy lifestyle in Malaysia where I can drive whenever I want to go out instead of walking and have some entertainment time with my friends there.

In Singapore, I don’t have friends to enjoy my time with. So every time I go out, I am alone taking buses and MRT. Only during weekend I have accompany which is my family. My life is so boring here and the major reason is because I don’t have any friends here to go out with. If I have friends here, I don’t mind taking buses and MRT everyday because honestly, Singapore has way better public transportation than Malaysia (not like x10 but x10000).

Another thing here is, the FOOD. Everyone knows the food in Singapore is not as good as Malaysia where Singapore food is much more bland than Malaysia. BUT, I still get fat in Singapore compare to when I am in Malaysia. It’s not like a tiny difference but from size S to size M!!! I don’t know where the fats in my body came from seriously.

Well, I wasn’t intend to take my own sweet time in Singapore and not finding a job but I am in a serious dilemma because I had to go back to Malaysia once every month to go for my braces appointment and the timing is so hard to adjust if I were to have a job now. Imagine if I am working from Monday to Friday and my teeth appointment is always on Sunday because that's when their orthodontics doctor is on shift, then I have to take a midnight bus on Friday to Malaysia and Sunday afternoon bus to Singapore which I will only reach Singapore during evening time and the next morning I had to go to work already. Saturday is an extra day for me to meet with my friends in Malaysia and share some time with my aunt there. How hectic is it going to be?

My stamina wasn't that good anymore after I started my degree. I literally can feel my body has weakened so much since then. I can’t go out the whole day, I can only choose either morning, afternoon or at night. If I go out the whole day, I had to sleep till the next day afternoon.

Sigh… so so desperate on finding the solution to the life I had now. Some of my friends even suggest that I moved back to Malaysia until I finish my braces treatment but I just shift everything to Singapore and begin to get use to the life in Singapore. I seriously don’t know what to do.

Anyway, here are some pictures that record the memories of my life for the past few months. 

Went for Jumping Street @ JayaOne

Pictures before we go for a jump but this girl on the left not feeling so well and ended up waiting for us for an hour at the waiting area =.=

Selfie with my guai sun

She is actually posing for a picture on the opposite side but I took a picture from beside and it looks like she is posing for me right??? 

The more "elastic" trampoline just for one person and we went all crazy because it was so bouncy!

Went for a trip to Penang and Cameron with the usual Uni Gang. Was there to visit the minion but they had changed it to The Simpsons. Wasn't mad about it, its just a random candid picture by the awesome photographer, Mic Liew. 

This is the us trying to squeeze into  the picture frame in Ipoh after our Chicken Rice session. 

I'll talk a little bit of the trip which was really hectic for all of us because bad things keep happening throughout the trip. Was really stressful before this trip because of the final exam for my final semester of my degree and I really expect this trip to be so much fun but it didn't turn out that well. Was really rushed in Penang because 2 days there is not enough for our schedule. Our car was out of battery on the last day which gave us a lot of trouble to finish our delayed planned schedule. Wasn't blaming anyone in this trip, it was good also because we were spending time together. 

Went to Bahau to visit my friend during the week off.

Here is the driver posing, LOL! Not really, its a candid shot. Thanks for driving us down! 

Had a selfie for remembrance. Lol! It was fun, meeting up and having dinner and lunch together in Bahau. Went to the amusement park nearby for a ride on the ferris wheel. 

Had a gathering with with my favourites before going to Singapore. 

Selfie with my guai sun ^^

The 3 Klang people 

And.. the 3 KL people

Wefie! Happy faces everywhere.

Mic Mic bought me souvenir from Taiwan! Taiwan strawberry beer, I think Taiwan produce all kinds of flavours of beer there. 

Went to fetch this lady from work and head out to supper.

Ended up in Ippudo Pavilion.

Tasty! The cucumber starter was so flavourful, didn't had a picture of that. And she had vegetarian ramen which looks like a pasta to me. 

Ah Mou is back from UK! Meet up with him and had a rather quiet talk eating dry laksa in Subang. 

Dyed my hair the next day.

Under natural light. Looks healthy to me because I chose burgundy purple but Amy ask me to choose a darker one instead of the one I chose at first. 

Under sunlight! Can't really see the colour on the previous picture. So this is burgundy, not really purple. Love it but it didn't last long at the bottom part of my hair. Had the Supersonic treatment as well, and it was awesome! Any hair also can repair back after the treatment. 

Usual yum cha gang on the night before I fly off. 

Went shopping with mum with my red hair ^^

Birthday present from mum. She said I need a watch badly because I always make a habit looking at my phone for time and ended up holding my phone all the time instead keeping it in my pocket when I am outside. Thanks mum!!! Love it!! 

Went to visit my dad for lunch at his office. The food is bad :(

Shopping with this beanie boy! 

Camo by my lil brother and get super excited and at the same time scare cause I don't know what he put on my face. Then he said its a make up product but with the colour green. Immediately I feel relief! Pheww..

One with the make up artist! Quite fail la.. look at the gap under my eyes! 

Getting ready to head out for a meal! Ended up posing like the ambassador of Baby-G. LOL! 

Oppa Korean BBQ! Not bad for a buffet, the bulgogi is absolutely delicious and I didn't know that bbq the kam zam ku can be that delicious. I thought it will become crispy and not nice but it became soft instead and so niceeeee!! 

They had this plate for you to put all the dish you want but it looks like a prison plate and he is botak make it looks more like a prison. 

Griller of the day! 

The ladies do the selfie! Oh, its a birthday celebration for me actually.

Homecook dish in Singapore. I cooked the soup and my mum cook the pork and vege. 

Pasta with large prawn in the hotel one of the day! The prawn is so fresh and delicious but the chowder soup and bread was mehhh.....

This one nothing to do so just selfie la :)

This one is like "Ohhh.. like this take can see my hair colour very nice" And this is after arounf 2 -3 weeks after I dyed my hair. Funny thing is I always don't have any issue with my hair except its really frizzy sometimes, but after I dyed my hair for a week, I got dandruff!! Why???

Now is all the food pictures!

MOF @ Jurong Point, I think is Blackpepper Salmon Spaghetti. They gave a lot of Salmon and blackpepper taste is so strong but I like it. 

This is my dad's steak I think. Forgot what it is already. 

This dessert have all kinds of ingredients. Some damn weird and some basic ingredients like ice cream and fruits. 

Oh!! This is the bomb! I love this sushi so much! Its the Spicy Prawn Maki. Had this everytime I am feeling a little bit mouth itchy but not hungry. 

Had A&W in PJ and it sucks! Never going back there anymore and its good they are shutting down that branch by the end of the year. Service damn slow and so many flies in the seating area even when its in air con room. Fried chicken downgrade, but the waffle still absolutely delicious. 

Meet up with the bro! He is as lovely as always! 

We had lunch @ Alexis and he treat me this! Craving for it now but nowhere to be found in Singapore :(

Yep! Photo post is done! That's all for this post! Perhaps another short one after this or another long one after quite sometime! 


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