Singapore Life

1. Gosh! Haven been updating for so long cause I am kinda taking my time off before I start my working life. I know once I started working, no more holidays! NO MORE! But financial is limiting my time, I got no income and I am stuck at home doing what a housewives do, cooking, cleaning and watching tv! Writing is so unfamiliar to me now cause I don't do much of writing during my time here!

2. Well, getting use to live here sucks without my friend cause I got no friends here and I miss hanging out with them but I don't contact my friends that often cause I was scared that I'll be missing them too much and waver with my decision of living in Singapore. I know I can make friends here but memories is hitting me hard these days! Gosh! How I wish I can just make a phone call and BAM! Half an hour later, I am in the coffee shop with my friends chatting along.. T.T

3. Got interviewed few times already and manage to secure a job but for some reason I had to quit that job and don't ask me why, cause it makes me cried a night to get over it! Why? High salary, reasonable working hours, career development opportunities! BUT! Just for some reason, I just had to quit! Maybe it was fated!

4. Its been 5 months since I got my braces, I can tell you that it makes a really huge difference to my face and teeth! My jaw wasn't that protrude anymore, I got a slimmer face now but I still chow down on whatever food I want even when my teeth is pain from all the pulling. This is how much I love to eat!! I can feel my teeth shaking and moving when I tried to shake it with my finger and the thought of my teeth falling off so quickily when I am old just flash by! I wonder that myth is true or not! Anyway, I got nicer teeth after this! Fighting!

5. Its so lifeless here, have to take buses and train if I wanna go anywhere, even the nearest shopping centre is like 3 bus stop away! I don't mind walking but not in this tropical weather, if its breezy and cold, I would walk all the way to the mrt without complaining the heat. Despite that, I don't have to drive here, no need parking fees, looking for carpark which is nice! I just don't like driving especially in a busy city, Kuala Lumpur. The drivers are crazy and mad which make me one of it cause you just can't drive on the road if you don't behave like one, its scary and dangerous.

6. So many food in KL I wanted to try so badly and they only open when I moved to Singapore =.= NAISE! And the food here doesn't taste great to me but those that taste great would cost a BOMB cause its double the price here compare to Malaysia! Such a hard time resisting those food, dessert and drinks!!!!

Kinda practising my writing now and I got that feel back again! Thanks blog for having me a space to express my writing and feelings! Maybe I will update my photo soon IF I am hardworking enough! Teehee!!


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