Pursuing dreams

Its already Chor 7 today but I still see many of my friends going on holidays or still having fun. ME? I am already working and eating my lunch in the office. Now I know why adults use to tell us to appreciate the time and feel grateful when we are studying, its not because of the studies versus workload, its the life! The life of working change so much that it took more than 360 degree to rotate. We had to go out at night if we have any friends to hang out after work and you only have 2 days of rest in a week. When I was studying, I got almost half of the week resting. The time is so much lesser now for yourself because you had to spend 12 hours of working per day. Parents that work their ass off because they need to earn money for their children's future, I really can't imagine how their body can take all the stress and pressure when they had to deal with their children after work.

That's why it is really important to find something you like and want to do for future career so that you won't feel like working everyday. I have met some friends who are already committing their career to something they like and they are so happy that it don't feel like working at all. I also met some friends who are still pursuing their dreams to commit their career to something they want to do in the future. I wish the best of both lucks for everyone out there to find your dreams and live your life. I know its a very cliche things to talk about, but I just felt the importance of it and needed to express it out here.

I have my own plans of pursuing my dreams in the future but now I need some financial base to start off my dreams. Its a good start that I am gaining new knowledge now although its not something I learn from my studies, but I am happy with it. I have a dream to pursue doesn't mean that I had to work my ass off and be sad and unhappy of my working life so that I can make my dreams come true. Dream is so tempting to me now...


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