Long Story Short

Picture Time! I know I haven been uploading photos for like forever. 

Let's start with the food that I had in Singapore! Overall, acceptable because when I eat out I go to restaurants which the price is reasonable for me la. So I don't spend too much and still can eat good food. 

This is my mum's Japanese Curry Beef. Not a fan of curry but she like it.

This is my Teriyaki Chicken with Rice. Very small portion but very filling for me too. Cliche dish. 

I cooked a lot for myself when I am at home during my jobless time. I think this is just simple fried rice with lots of seaweed. I love seaweed. 

Typical "Jap Fan" here is Singapore. 

This is Cappucino from Mid Valley Coffee bar between Garden and MV, That guy drew me this and say I look like this, good thing or bad thing?

While I was back in Malaysia, I brought my mum and Carmen for Korean BBQ "Palsaik" @ Scott Garden. I went to the branch in Solaris Dutamas, the Scott Garden branch is way more comfortable as there are not as pack as Solaris and the place is bigger too. So you don't have to squeeze your way out of the crowded people to pay your bill. 

Looks good but the taste is a bit different from the Solaris's branch. 

Singapore's McD's Shaker fries. Yum! 

Went to eat Buffet for unlimited snow crab and half way through eating, they have this limited snack time which they only hand out a basket of Japanese snacks. This doesn't taste good to me. Too earthy and feel like I am eating dirt from the ground. 

This is the bomb! Cheese Baked Rice with Pork Chop! So good @ Xin Wang. 

Another Cappucino, coincidentally, its a cat, like me name. I forget where I had this in Singapore. 

Pho. Vietnamese noodle and it taste alright but the shop fill with people. Seriously the food here taste just good enough for us but for local consider a very delicious meal. Somewhere @WestGate.

This is disappointment! Like seriously??? I crave Uncle Jang a lot here then this restaurant opened in Westgate and people start drowning into the restaurant. So I thought maybe is good enough for us la, then we went and it taste horrible! Like a tasteless but spicy dish! That's all! WHAT? So not going back there again. Fail to fix my craving deliberately.  

Has this Carbonara at BreadTalk Cafe @WestGate. Taste fine but I can taste salt everywhere. NO! 

My favourite fruit!!! Strawberry!!! I can eat this everyday and this portion, I can finish in 5 minutes! You Go Girl! 

End of photos time! Lets see some human here! Sorry for the random photos la, cause I don't even remember the sequence and all so I just chucked everything here.

My brother when he was at the early stage of NS. Botak lar! So have to wear beanie to cover up his skin. 

Selfie!! Playing with make up everyday and this could be the best one I put on in Singapore. 

Any angle also can ler!!! 

With my braces expose also can ler!! 

This one a bit posey la! But Don't Care! 

Wanted to go to Universal Studio Singapore but picked the wrong date and look at the lines!!! The one that you see at the far most inner is not one line, is several line and queue up to this lady in white dress with polka dots. Mad right? Siao wan! 

So we end up going shopping @Vivo City and play this play that! This is in Daiso, and its Halloween period. So here goes the bat hairband. 

HO HO HO! This is a birthday present from my lovely friends in Malaysia that I always miss them. They went to Korea and bought this stamp with my Korean name imprint onto it and also a card message showed the Hangang River. I love it so much, so now I have an official Korean name! Thank you guys so much! You know who you are and I love you always and forever. Although we don't talk all the time due to the distance but whenever we start talking, we can never stop and longing for more. I'll see you guys soon through Skype! ^^

My brother's is finishing his 3 months TPT and this is the back stage of the The Float @ Marina Bay. Soooo many soldiers!!! 

At the audience seat around 6+ in the morning. The view is so nice right, this is my effortless photography ler, even I didn't put much effort in taking this picture also can simply turn out like a beautiful piece. LOL, okay TMI. 

Me Familia! All looking half awake cause its too early for a Saturday event!

End of the day, just chilling with my brother.Trying to be botak like him also la.. 

Worked! Worked some part time here when I am jobless. Can't stand the loneliness. Waitress is not my thang. 

Malaysia again! Went to MV and had boost! Save my day, berries come to Mama! 

I look okay here, so why not? Love this! 

On the bus going back to Singapore! 

Finally went to Universal Studio Singapore. With my beautiful mum. You know I am showing off my mum here right. Lol! 

Okay, photo a bit fail la.. Back light and all, no choice! 

  I edited this for my Instagram lar, so it looks nicer kan? Love my shirt's quote "I NEVER LIKED YOU ANYWAY". 

Nah nah nah.. "Sua Shuai"  lar, he always think he very handsome. 

I told you guys right, actually I was having a really hard time adjusting to my life here in Singapore because I had no friends, had to take public transport and not able to find a job here depress me. I was breaking down and had no one to talk to. Its like I am living alone in the darkness. But that's the past now. I got though it and over it. I got my new goals now, everything will be fine at the end of the day. 

Tada, a little smile for you! I don't even remember when is this.

Yep, still feeling grumpy at that point I guess. 

And super demotivated that I don't even give a fuck to anything. Looking pale like my mood here. 

And then, back to Malaysia again for Convocation. With the certs, my hopes were higher and it breaks me down even more. 

Thanks for the flower dear, thanks for coming despite your busy schedule. I love your birthday present and stop buying expensive stuff for me cause I feel damn guilty la.. 

See, so pretty. She likes people compliment her pretty instead of cute, so next time if you happen to see her, tell her she is pretty lar. NO CUTE! 

Finally, my best friend get in Uni from another major get to take picture with me and thanks to her photographer boyfriend for this gorgeous piece. I love this and also the hat throwing one. Thanks! I'll catch up with you soon kay! 

Another round of celebration, nahhh... just a meet up at the right time. My night time always being conquer by this two childhood friend. 

Trying to take nice picture here, okay lar.. 

Back to Singapore :( Having dinner with my bro. 

Still recovering from the depression. I cannot say depression lar, its not that I think of suicide out of that. Just not happy yet. 

See! In Malaysia, I can smile so happily ler.. haiz! Thinking back I really don't want to go back to that time of being jobless and tackling questions of people asking "Find job already or not ah?" 

Karaoke session! 


Spend my night drawing make up on each other faces. Super fun! But we need more ideas here la.. 

Christmas reunion. Gather back together for Christmas celebration. Christmas is just an excuse! We just need to see each other faces! 

Another one! Not ready yet lar .. hand too short need selfie stick but think selfie stick is too overated. 

The complete group! But end it with miserably lar.. suppose to go Karaoke but somehow didn't make it and everyone goes home. 

Christmas decoration in Singapore! 

Another selfie! 

This seriously I never make up, like so lazy until don't even bother. 

Happy a bit here cause suddenly got lots of interview to go! 

Came back restless, thinking a lot again for the results of the interview. Seriously, Singapore hiring system must change lor. How to wait 1 or 2 months for you to call us to interview and another 1 month for the results. Wait for you no need eat liao lor! 

End of crapping, hope you enjoy the babbling under every photos! Love ya!


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